Fillable Forms

Most people prefer mailing their tax packet, but if you’re a “scan and email’ person looking for the convenience of filling out your tax packet without the stone age use of a pen, you’re in luck.

Tax packets are now available as a fillable PDF (New Client, or Current Client).  Our Flight Calendar is also available as a fillable PDF here, which you can save to your computer or your phone/tablet.

1.  Click on  either New Client Fillable Packet or Current Client Fillable Packet to open the forms and save the document to your computer or mobile device with a unique name.
2.  When you are finished filling out the document, attach it to an email and send it to or request a secure portal login.
3.  Don’t forget to include scans of your tax documents.  (Please try to scan your tax documents into one file, rather than sending us a billion separate attachments.  If you only have a few tax documents, don’t stress over this)

*If you are using a phone or tablet to complete the fillable form you may have to download the Adobe Reader App.  Many PDF reader apps do not work correctly with fillable forms.